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Dermal Fillers

As the face ages, many of us notice deepening of some lines on the face, hollowing of the areas under the eyes, falling cheekbones and other changes that make us look older.   Traditionally, the only way to improve these changes was a facelift, which is very invasive, inevitably leaves some scars even if well hidden, and can give a “stretched” look if not done very well.

Over the past decade dermal fillers have replaced many traditional surgical facelifts (though not all).  Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and others allow non-surgical filling and restoring of volume to the face that was previously impossible even with the surgical facelift.   Dermal fillers are wonderful for restoring volume to cheeks, giving a more youthful appearance.  Fillers also are great for smoothing the folds between the nose and the corners of the mouth – the nasolabial fold, as well as the grooves below the corners of the mouth – the marionette lines.

These are procedures that can be done in 30 minutes using just a needle and some topical or local anesthetic, and can yield remarkable improvements in the appearance of the aging face.  No downtime, no scars, just a more youthful appearance!

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Tear trough

A little about the various fillers


An injectable gel used to temporarily treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth like “parentheses lines”.  Results typically last around 6-9 months.

Restylane and Restylane-L

Injectable gel that adds volume and fullness to the skin to help smooth away moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth.  They can also add fullness and definition to your lips.  Results last between 4-9 months.

Perlane and Perlane-L

Injectable gel that is specifically used for deep lines and wrinkles.

Usually lasts up to six months.



nasolabial folds, cheeks and tear trough

What Can I Expect?

Often patients needing dermal fillers have Botox as well.  Our PA will personally see you and discuss your goals and recommend the best treatment for you.  Part of this process is assessing your facial expressions and movement and deciding together which areas should or should not be treated.  Any questions you have about Botox and fillers or the treatment process will be answered.  If Botox and/or fillers are recommended, you will sign a consent form and we will apply a small amount of topical anesthetic to the areas to be treated at your option.  If the lips are being injected with fillers, we may recommend an injection of local anesthetic.

After about 15 minutes, we will begin to inject the Botox and/or fillers.  Fillers can be a bit uncomfortable for some, however with local or topical anesthetic, and some ice most tolerate the injections without difficulty.

We will give you some aftercare instructions, including keeping your hands away from the treated areas for a few hours, no weight lifting for a few hours, etc., and then you are free to go about your normal day.  The entire appointment should take no longer than 45 minutes.

The results of dermal fillers are evident immediately.

Possible rare side effects include a small droop of the eyebrow or upper eyelid, localized tenderness or swelling around injection sites, or bruising.  For fillers, bruising, tenderness and swelling are most common.  Rare but possible complications from fillers can include infection and pain.   For this reason, we suggest you plan Botox and filler  appointments 2 weeks before a special event.

Fillers can last 6-9 months or longer in some individuals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (305) 504-8942.