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Jun 1

“Don’t be ‘Vein'” – Get a leg up on gorgeous gams for swimsuit season

“Don’t be ‘Vein'” – Get a leg up on gorgeous gams for swimsuit season

Dr. Adam Gropper opens North Beach Vascular & Aesthetics, a state-of-the-art treatment center addressing venous disorders.

Nestled off Biscayne Boulevard in Aventura, North Beach Vascular & Aesthetics offers some of the area’s most cutting edge medical and cosmetic treatments for vascular disorders under the care of Dr. Adam Gropper, who also serves as Chief of Radiology at the Jackson Health System Community Hospitals and President of North Beach Radiology Associates.

Dr. Gropper launched the new Center to help educate and treat patients suffering from vein disease such as varicose and spider veins; conditions affecting almost 80 million adults.

Treatments include traditional endovenous laser ablation, sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy in addition to the newest, innovative treatments on the market such as mechanical-chemical ablation using the ClariVein catheter and the latest in sclerotherapy medications, Asclera, for spider veins.

North Beach Vascular & Aesthetics is the only treatment center currently using the ClariVein device in the Miami area. Asclera’s availability is also limited in the area due to its increased cost, however many educated healthcare consumers are demanding it.

In addition to providing some of the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments available, North Beach Vascular & Aesthetics prides itself on its patient-friendly atmosphere.

“Over the years, I have performed thousands of procedures on diseased arteries and veins in hospitals, but I have wanted to create an atmosphere where both the serious medical issues of venous insufficiency and the Dr. Adam Gropper aesthetic complica­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ tions could be treated in a private, peaceful environment,” explains Dr. Gropper.

Unlike a hospital environment, North Beach Vascular & Aesthetics was designed to resemble a beautiful medi-spa, with warm hues of green and brown, natural stone and nature-inspired artwork. The interior design evokes an oasis of calmness where patients can comfortably explore treatment options that balance their medical and aesthetic needs.

The Center, which was recently featured on NBC and CBS news, is ideally located between Aventura and Bal Harbor at 15400 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 103.