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Spider Veins

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Spider veins are thought to be the result a miniature version of the same process as varicose veins. Increased vein pressure can cause the little veins, called telangectasias, to form. In women, they often appear during or after pregnancy, but can also occur because of hereditary factors or hormone stimulation.

Spider veins are cosmetic and are not a health or medical issue. These are small red, purple and/or blue tiny veins found on the surface of the skin. They often are found in combination with slightly larger reticular veins, which tend to be green or blue in color. Spider veins and reticular veins may or may not be associated with significant Venous insufficiency, therefore an experienced practitioner should carefully examine a patient’s legs before attempting treatment. If there is significant Venous Insufficiency present, any treatment for the spider or reticular veins is unlikely to provide lasting results.

Cosmetic spider veins are treated with sclerotherapy, or with new devices using thermocoagulation. Spider veins usually will recur in most patients. This means that most patients need intermittent touch up to keep their legs looking good. Spider vein treatments are done for cosmetic reasons and are not covered by most insurance carriers.

Spider Veins Treatment

There are several treatment options available for spider veins. Cosmetic sclerotherapy shrinks the veins using a fine needle to inject medication directly into the vein. Though patients may require several treatments, sessions are quick and the patient can return to his or her normal activities immediately afterward. Veinwave, a new development that can be used anywhere on the body, offers instant results in one treatment and uses an electrical pulse to close veins. Veinwave is particularly useful on the face. Cutera Excel V is a laser that uses the heat to cause the vein walls of abnormal vessels to collapse, seal shut and disappear. This is the newest addition to our office and we have been seeing beautiful, immediate results.